Changing your routine

Stay quit by avoiding triggers or situations that make you want to smoke.


Know your smoking routine and change it

Learn what triggers you to smoke and plan ahead...

A Quit Coach can help you work through this.

There are different types of triggers:

  • Habit triggers like having a coffee, drinking alcohol, driving, taking a break at work, timeout from the kids -  or just needing to do something with your mouth and hands.
  • Emotional triggers like feeling stressed, bored, happy or excited, or having an argument.
  • Social triggers like being with friends or whānau that smoke, going to a party, or having a drink at the end of the day.

Some people find it helpful to write down when and where they smoke, which parts of their day, who with, why and what the trigger was. Think about how you can avoid some of these triggers, and what you can do instead at these times. If you’re using nicotine replacement or vaping, keep them handy for when these triggers happen.

Avoid smoky situations

To give yourself the best chance to quit, it might be best to avoid smoky situations completely for the first two weeks. But let people know you’re only avoiding the places, not them, and that you’ll be back soon. If people at home smoke, ask them to take it outside to help you out.

Taking control – it’s up to you

Reach your goals by quitting strong

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