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A Quit Coach gives you a much better chance of quitting for good. They’re free, qualified and help you make a plan to get everything in place so you can just get on with quitting.

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  • You can meet your Quit Coach face-to-face, at your place or somewhere near you, or talk by phone or online.
  • You can meet a Coach by yourself or as a whānau.
  • You also have the option to join one of their free support groups to help stay motivated.
  • They can give you free nicotine replacement while you're there, or deliver it to you (no trip to the pharmacy needed so no cost at all).
  • They can support you to switch to vaping if you'd prefer or advise about stop smoking medications.
  • Many local services offer incentive programmes for some groups (for example, hapū māmā) and some have childcare facilities. Ask your Quit Coach about these.
  • There are kaupapa Māori and Pacific services that provide stop-smoking support in many areas.

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  • Open 24/7 - you can call, text, email or do it all online.
  • You decide how often you want to talk to a Quit Coach.
  • They can send you a script for free nicotine replacement (you just have to pay the $5 dispensing fee at the pharmacy).
  • They can support you with a switch to vaping if you'd rather do that.
  • Get the support of other people who are also trying to quit, by joining Quitline's blog community.

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